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Governor Says He’s Considering At Least 1 Line-Item Veto For Lame-Duck Bills

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker avoided specifics while telling reporters he might look for places to use his line-item veto power on the set of bills passed by lawmakers last week.  The Republican says he is considering at least one seriously.  His Tuesday comments make it apparent he is likely to sign most of the legislation More >

65K Wisconsin Residents Receive Mistaken Notification

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services says a notice thousands of residents got was a mistake.  About 65-thousand people enrolled in Wisconsin Medicare Savings programs were told their benefits would end January 1st, but that’s not true.  The D-H-S says if the Social Security Administration or Medicare hasn’t contacted them about changes, there won’t be More >

Voter Fraud Suspect Will Have Competency Evaluated

A 70-year-old Wausau man will have his competency evaluated before he goes to trial on voter fraud charges.  A preliminary hearing for David Kitowski Tuesday was delayed until after the evaluation is completed.  Kitowski is accused of submitting two absentee ballots in last month’s election bearing the name of his dead mother.  She had died More >

Governor Walker:  Hasn’t Received Lame-Duck Bills Yet

A spokesperson for Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker says the controversial bills passed during last week’s lame-duck session haven’t been delivered yet.  The governor has the power to call for those bills when he wants to do so.  They are set up to limit the powers of the incoming Democratic governor and attorney general.  If the More >

Incoming Governor Forms Council To Advise Him On Criminal Justice Policy

Wisconsin’s incoming governor has formed a 30-person council to advise him on criminal justice policy.  Evers has said he wants to cut the number of people in state prisons in half, do away with solitary confinement and give former convicts more help so they can avoid returning to prison.  Two former state Supreme Court justices, More >

Homeowner Leaves Door Unlocked, Finds Woman In Dining Room

A Madison homeowner says she had left her front door unlocked so her daughter could get in Saturday morning.  When she heard that door open shortly after midnight, she used a smartphone app to see her daughter wasn’t home yet.  She went to investigate and found a woman she didn’t know in the dining room.  More >

Demonstrators March On Capitol Over Lame-Duck Session Bills

Demonstrators from all over Wisconsin converged on the state Capitol Saturday to protest bills passed during last week’s lame-duck session.  They disagreed with Assembly Speaker Robin Vos who has described the legislation as a way to level the playing field.  Democrats argue the party in power is trying to limit the effectiveness of Governor-elect Tony More >

Wisconsin’s New Governor Hits The Road While Talking About State Budget

Wisconsin Governor-elect Tony Evers begins what he is calling the “Building the People’s Budget” tour Tuesday in Green Bay.  Evers says he is asking for public input on how he should deal with an expected one-billion-dollar budget shortfall when he assumes office next month.  He says he wants a spending plan that reflects “the values More >

11 Cases Of Legionnaire’s Disease Confirmed At UW Hospital

U-W Hospital reports 11 patients were treated for Legionnaire’s disease, with six of them now discharged or treated at outpatient locations.  Hospital officials say more cases could be found before Wednesday, the day the incubation period for the bacteria is set to end.  The cases have been linked to the hospital’s decision to reduce water More >

Republicans Pass Bills Limiting Duties, Responsibilities Of Governor, Attorney General

Republican leaders of the Wisconsin Legislature say they are confident the changes they approved this week will withstand any legal challenge.  Duties and responsibilities for the governor and attorney general are being limited after the election of Democrats Tony Evers and Josh Kaul.  One bill restricts early voting to two weeks before an election.  Another More >