Last week, the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office arrested 26 year-old Peter Schneider related to an investigation into child enticement and the solicitation of nude images from a child. 


While the investigation is still on-going, evidence showed that on several occasions Schneider requested nude photos from the 17 year old victim. Schneider also asked the victim to go into a private area for the purposes of sexual contact.


Schneider is employed by Ho-Chunk Police Department and is a firefighter with the Sparta Area Fire District (SAFD).  The initial information related to the incident was brought to the attention of the Sheriff’s Office by Chief Mike Arnold of the SAFD and when the Sheriff’s Office notified the Ho-Chunk Police Department, they took immediate action to relieve Schneider from his duties.  Both agencies showed the utmost professionalism in their cooperation with the Sheriffs Office’s investigation. 


During the bond hearing in Monroe County Court, Judge Mark Goodman ordered that Schneider be held on a $1,500 cash bond.