For more than a century, Bellin Health and Gundersen Health System have been trusted, steady members of communities throughout Wisconsin, Northeast Iowa, Southeast Minnesota and Northern Michigan embodying dedication, compassion and excellence in care. The two strong, industry-leading health systems finalized their merger of equals in December 2022, and today have announced they will become Emplify Health to continue serving our community healthcare needs.

Meet Emplify Health

“Drawn from ‘empathy,’ defined as ‘feeling aware of another’s emotions’ and ‘amplify,’ which means ‘increase,’ Emplify is a new word created to reflect a united goal of increasing access, creating a culture of empathy and enhancing population health outcomes for the patients and communities we serve,” says Scott Rathgaber, CEO, Bellin and Gundersen Health System.

“We are standing on the shoulders of the enduring legacies of Bellin Health and Gundersen Health System and the thousands of people who have helped grow and nurture the system brands. Today, we are embracing the journey to something new, strong and shared. By unifying under one brand, we align our teams and our resources to provide the best possible care and experience for our patients and community,” Rathgaber says. “Emplify Health is more than a name. It’s a promise. It’s a symbol of trust. It is a continuation and evolution of our shared legacies. It prepares us for the future.” 

‘This change will take time’

New identities take time to build. Transitioning Bellin and Gundersen to Emplify Health will not happen overnight. Over the next several months the new brand will be slowly and thoughtfully incorporated into the health system. 

“We anticipate it will take several years to fully migrate to Emplify Health,” Rathgaber says. “Do we expect everyone to immediately embrace this journey? Certainly not. But we will journey together. Change takes time. And we must honor our legacy names into the future. I know we have the best people in the industry working at our organization, who will help to build this new identity in the right way while respecting our rich histories.” 

Same great care close to home

While the health system’s name is evolving, the commitment to compassionate care close to home remains unchanged. Patients of Emplify Health will still receive their care with the same providers and staff at the same locations they know and trust. The health system’s most fundamental commitment is to care — for the whole person, across boundaries and barriers, rooted in empathy and amplified through the collective efforts of 15,000 team members system-wide. 




Not all names are changing


While all Bellin and Gundersen hospitals and clinics will, over time, change their name to Emplify Health, entities such as the Gundersen Medical Foundation, The Bellin Health Foundation and the foundations associated with the other hospitals will not change at this time. As it was shared when Bellin and Gundersen merged in December 2022, the funds received by each Foundation will remain designated for intended areas as directed by donors.