Today, Monroe County District Attorney Kevin D. Croninger announced that on January 24, 2024, a Monroe County jury convicted 46 year old, Jonathan L. Ellenburg, of four charges including,
two counts of Repeated Sexual Assault of A Child, and two counts of 1st Degree Sexual Assault of a
Child- Sexual Contact or Sexual Intercourse with a Person Under Age of 13.
The convictions came after a two and a half day jury trial. The charges against Ellenburg stem from
conduct that occurred between September of 2012 and April of 2018, during which time Ellenburg
repeatedly sexually assaulted three different victims. Ellenburg refused to be present during the
proceedings and instead appeared via video from a cell at the Monroe County Jail each morning and
advised the Court that he (Ellenburg) would not be participating.
After two and a half days of trial, the jury deliberated for approximately an hour and a half before
reaching their verdicts. Monroe County District Attorney Kevin Croninger stated, “This was a difficult
case. The victims in this case have been presented with extremely difficult circumstances in their lives,
despite these circumstances they demonstrated a tremendous amount of strength and courage by
taking the stand and describing the deplorable acts Mr. Ellenburg committed against them. We are
grateful for the careful attention the jury paid to this serious matter and for the verdicts they returned.
The verdicts will hopefully give some level of relief to the three victims who Mr. Ellenburg repeatedly
sexually assaulted.”
The prosecution of the case was handled by Monroe County District Attorney Kevin Croninger with
support and assistance by the staff of the Monroe County District Attorney’s Office.
The investigation of the case was led by Detective John Brose of the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office,
with assistance the Village of Norwalk Police Department and Monroe County Human Services.
Croninger praised the work of Detective Brose and all officers involved, “This was a difficult and
emotional case. The investigation needed to be done in an effective but sensitive manner. Detective
Brose demonstrated a tremendous amount of skill and empathy throughout his investigation, and
without his highly professional and effective work, convictions would not have been possible.”
Ellenburg is currently serving a prison sentence related to other crimes he committed previously. After
conviction, he was returned to the Kettle Moraine Correctional Facility to await sentencing.