Carol Wagenson

Carol Wagenson of New Lisbon, WI was recently elected President of the Wisconsin Auctioneers Association at their 2017 Convention that was held in Stevens Point, WI in January.  Wagenson, a native of New Lisbon, has been conducting professional auctions for over two decades.  In 2012 she became the Wisconsin Champion Auctioneer which afforded her the opportunity to be a spokesperson for the industry.  Wagenson sells auctions under Wagenson Auction Service, LLC, Waukon Horse Sales, fundraising events, as well as contact bid-calls for other auctioneers.   Carol succeeds Bryce Hanse of Hansen & Young, Inc., of Prairie Farm, WI.

Wagenson says that growing the Association through members and relationships is what she feels is most important.  “Our group of over 150 members has very diverse needs.  Some of our members are live bid calling auctioneers only, while others may be only on-line. Regardless of how and what our members are selling, we want them to be professional quality, educated auctioneers. Our members sell Real Estate, personal property, fundraising events, livestock, vehicles, and almost every commodity that you can think of.   As an Association, we know that our voice is stronger together; therefore, we have started some reciprocity discussions with Illinois, Iowa, and Minnesota.  We (WAA) will also be looking at strengthening our relationships with our local elected officials within the State of Wisconsin and nationally.    Remember, if it can’t be sold at auction, it can’t be sold at all (NAA).”

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