Clean Sweep is an event to safely dispose of unwanted hazardous materials from homes and properties. The goal is to eliminate the dumping of hazardous materials on the land or in our water systems. Juneau County Land and Water is hosting a Clean Sweep event on Saturday, July 31st, 2021 from 9am to 4pm at the Juneau County Highway Department. Examples of materials collected at no charge include batteries, weed killer, pool chemicals, and other unknown chemicals. Other materials with a disposal charge include antifreeze and tires to name a few.

One product we are excited to collect are vaping devices. The lithium batteries in these devices are a potential fire hazard if damaged or exposed to high temperatures. The unused e-liquid could be consumed by children, pets, or wildlife leading to severe health risks or death. If you have vaping devices you want to get rid of, bring them, and all accessories, to Clean Sweep for safe disposal!

For more information on items collected during Clean Sweep visit the Juneau County Land and Water Resources website or Facebook page. For more information on commercial tobacco and quitting, visit the South Central Alliance for Tobacco Prevention’s Facebook page.