The Royall School Board certified their tax levy and adopted its budget at its monthly meeting on Monday. The tax levy was set at $2,005,086 and the mil rate for the district was set at $9.53 per $1000. The final budget for the 2017-2018 school year will be $7,367,175. Business Manager Jeff Lankey said there was some great news, as the equalization aid for the district is up $4,770 more than was projected at the annual meeting, the sparsity aid increased $10,879, and the per-pupil-aid increased as well. However, Lankey said that the district lost the high poverty aid because their students dropped below the 50 percent free and reduce lunch limit, and the property values didn’t increase as projected.

The board also approved a food service policy update. Superintendent Mark Gruen said that during the audit process, they were told that the current policy did not have US non-discrimination statement in it, which is mandated by law. The addition was approved unanimously by the board.