On September 16th, a deputy assigned to booking in the Juneau County Jail went to remove inmate Skyler Kinnunen, 22, of Warrens from his booking cell.
As soon as the deputy opened the cell door, he smelled an odor of strong intoxicants. Once Kinnunen stepped out, the deputy noted that his eyes were red, blood shot, and glossy. He asked Kinnunen if he had been drinking prior to coming to jail. Kinnunen said that the last time he drank was a few days ago. The deputy asked a second time and Kinnunen continued to deny it even though the deputy could smell alcohol.
Kinnunen was then taken to a designated court area where another deputy administered a preliminary breath test. He blew a .12 . A Juneau County bail bond signed by Kinnunen on July 16th, 2021 stated that he must maintain sobriety at all times. He is being charged with Felony Bail Jumping.