contributed… Necedah Powerlifting has a long standing tradition of championships and that continued in Aurora, CO this past weekend as the Necedah Powerlifting Team made a clean sweep of the Girl’s Freshmen/Sophomore Team Championship and the Boy’s and Girl’s Combined Team Championship. “We had 11 seniors on this years squad, but we do have a wealth of young talent” added Coach Mach.  Necedah Freshman/Sophomore squad crowned 6 Nationals champions on the first day of competition.  “We have won the Girl’s Freshman/Sophomore Title five years in a row, which I believe shows the strength or our program” Said Coach Mach.  The Combined Team is a split of boys and girls and this is the fourth year in a row for Necedah as well.
National Champions for Necedah at the Freshman/Sophomore Level
97 Steph Rattunde
105 Tristyn Hutchins
123 Bre Housworth-Set the National Record in the Squat
132 Morgan DeGuire
165 Lacey Winters
275 Zack Hager
Place winners at Freshman/Sophomore Level
114 David Hager 2nd
181 Charlie Vandaver 5th
97 Alena Trinidad 2nd
114 Tristen Koeller 5th
123 Amanda Zelinski 3rd
148 Oni Knapinski 4th
On Saturday and Sunday, the Necedah Boys and Girls battled champions from Louisiana to Pennsylvania to Florida as the team rode the wave of success generated by a season of championships to grab the National Title with both the Varsity Girl’s  and the Varsity Combined Team.  “We knew we had a shot to repeat history when we went to Colorado, yet we also knew the competition would very tough.” Said Head Coach Erich Mach.  The Cardinals held true to their championship form and jumped out to a great start garnering a variety of silver and bronze medals.  Senior 97 lb State Champ Celina Johnston battled against the Louisiana State Champ but came up short. In the same weight class Ashley Cross posted a bronze medal performance, Marissa Peterson grabbed the silver at the 105 weight class.  132 lb Senior State Champ Christina Schumer went for a World Team spot on her last deadlift and just came up short and brought home the bronze.  In the same 132 lb. weight class Junior Autumn Herried finish with 5th place.  At 148 Senior Sadie Vandaver wowed the crowd with a 203 lb bench press and captured a 4th place finish.  At 165 Junior Nicole Lynch who battle the altitude all day finished with a 4th place medal.  At 181 Senior State Champ Taylor Podboy, grabbed another silver medal for Necedah and deadlifted a personal best of 391 lbs.  At 198 Junior Jennifer Kosinski also took home the silver medal sealing the victory for the Cardinal girls.  This would be the girl’s third USAPL Championship in four years, an amazing feat.  For the boys Necedah had two competitors Senior Jordan Mach placed 7th in the tough 148 lb weight class.  “Jordan is the last the Mach boys, I will surely miss coaching my son’s”  Added Coach Mach.  In the 275 lb weight class Junior Austin Winters brought home the silver.  “I see great things on the horizon for Austin next year.” Said Coach Mach  “At the USAPL Nationals there are no divisions and all schools battle each other.  This is what makes Necedah unique, we have a school of about 200 kids but we consistently turn out champions and team awards.”  Added Coach Mach  “I would like to thank the people who support us in all our endeavors.”