MADISON, Wis. (AP) – A Wisconsin woman whose three sons were killed in a house fire last September wants to recent her statements against her husband and brother-in-law.  Sharon Wand was badly burned in the fire at the family’s Argyle home. She wrote to the Wisconsin State Journal that her husband, Armin Wand, and his 19-year-old brother, Jeremy Wand, did not set the fire.  Sharon Wand says her statements to police that implicated the Wand brothers were made while she was on pain medication.  The fire killed three of the couple’s four children as well as the fetus Sharon Wand was carrying.  Armin Wand was given three consecutive life sentences in April after he agreed to plead guilty. Jeremy Wand agreed to a similar deal but has asked to withdraw his guilty pleas.

(Information from: Wisconsin State Journal,