OSSEO, Wis. (AP) – A Wisconsin woman is accused of killing a young girl in her care by giving her a combination of a prescription painkiller and allergy medication.  Twenty-two-year-old Amanda Butts of Osseo was charged Monday with first-degree reckless homicide.  Butts is charged in the death last month of 22-month-old Alexis Behlke, her boyfriend’s daughter.  The La Crosse Tribune reports Butts initially denied giving the girl anything but children’s Tylenol after bringing the girl to an Osseo hospital, where she was pronounced dead June 22nd.  According to the complaint, the girl had bruises and cuts on her face and forehead.  Butts was caring for the girl while her boyfriend was at work. She said the bruises were caused when she tried to remove a piece of peanut butter sandwich from her mouth.

(Information in the following story is from: La Crosse Tribune, http://www.lacrossetribune.com)