The State of Wisconsin set another state record for COVI19 cases Thursday.  The Wisconsin Health Department reported 7,497 new cases.  There was also 264 more hospitalizations reported and 58 new deaths. 


The chief medical officer at the state Department of Health Services is warning COVID-19 could soon be out of control in Wisconsin.  Doctor Ryan Westergaard says we’re at a “tipping point,” adding things could get much worse.  Westergaard says doctors may not be able to save everyone who gets seriously ill from the virus.  It’s growing rapidly.  On September 11th there were 13-hundred-69 new cases of COVID-19 in the state.  On October 11th that number was two-thousand-696 and on November 11th there were seven-thousand-48 new confirmed cases – five times as many new cases as just two months ago.