>>Electric Workers Rescue Man, Baby Before Emergency Responders Arrive

(Milwaukee, WI) — Milwaukee firefighters were called to a burning home Monday morning, but two occupants had already been rescued by the time they got there. Employees with Milwaukee-based Roman Electric were working nearby. They helped a man and a baby getting out through a first-floor window. Worker Chris Rassette says they first noticed somebody opening windows on the home, trying to get out. A second man made his way to the roof to escape the flames and eventually had to jump to safety. Fire crews found another person on the second floor and they were taken to Columbia St. Mary’s Hospital’s burn unit for treatment.


>>Milwaukee Streetcar Federal Grant Application Rejected For 2nd Time

(Milwaukee, WI) — Milwaukee’s plan to extend its downtown streetcar line to the new Bucks arena has been derailed for a second time. The city’s application for a 20-million dollar federal grant from the U-S Department of Transportation was rejected last week. A 14-million dollar federal grant was approved last year to fund the lakefront line and the Milwaukee Common Council approved the 128-million dollar project three years ago. The main downtown line should be operating by this fall. The Potawatomi Hotel and Casino is paying 10-million dollars to become naming sponsor of the line for the first 12 years.

>>Wisconsin Woman Arrested For Attacking Judge On Chicago Metra

(Chicago, IL) — When a 57-year-old Lake County, Illinois, judge tried to give support to a teenager being berated by his mother, the judge was attacked. Thirty-three-year-old Elizabeth Pope of Kenosha is accused of punching the female judge several times. The had made eye contact with the 14-year-old boy, telling him he wasn’t an “idiot,” while his mother was cursing and criticizing him. Her name hasn’t been released. The bleeding judge began pleading with other passengers for help, the conductor was called and Pope was taken off the train and arrested at the next station. The judge needed five stitches to close a cut on her lip.

>>Racine Man Charged With Deliberately Hitting Woman With Car Last August

(Racine, WI)  —  A 51-year-old Racine man is charged with a hit-and-run which happened last August in the Village of Mount Pleasant.  Witnesses told police Perry H. Brooks hit the 85-year-old woman on purpose after she saw him shoplifting and reported it to the staff at the Dollar Tree store.  They say Brooks was shaking his fists at the woman and hit her with his car on purpose, then drove away.  Investigators say surveillance video shows he never slowed down as he drove the vehicle toward the victim, knocking her down.  Brooks was identified last October.  It isn’t clear why charges weren’t filed for nearly five months.


>>Walker Signs Bill Increasing State Funding For Rural Schools

(Muscoda, WI)  —  School districts in rural Wisconsin would see increased state aid under a new bill signed Monday by Governor Scott Walker.  The maximum that a qualifying low-spending district can spend by combining property tax revenue and state aid would go up by 300-dollars to 94-hundred for next school year.  That limit would increase by 100-dollars-a-year for the following four years.  The legislation also increases the amount of sparsity aid from 300-to-400 dollars-a-student.  One-hundred-44 Wisconsin school districts qualify by having 745 students or fewer and a membership density of less than 10 students-a-square-mile.


>>Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewage District Moves To Fix Odor

(Milwaukee, WI)  —  A committee at the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewage District has approved a fix for the filtration system at the Jones Island Reclamation Facility.  People living nearby have complained about the bad odor in the Third Ward and Walkers Point.  The filter broke more than 15 years ago and the smells are being vented, but not scrubbed.  The fix will cost almost 340-thousand dollars.  A final approval for the work by the full commission is expected to come in the next two weeks.  The expenditure is considered to be only a first step and not a final solution.