MADISON, Wis. (AP) – State wildlife officials say they won’t authorize an elk hunt this year.   Department of Natural Resources big game ecologist Kevin Wallenfang issued a statement Wednesday saying the herd still hasn’t grown enough to sustain a hunt.  The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point reintroduced elk to Wisconsin in 1995, establishing a herd of 25 animals near Clam Lake. State law prohibits hunting until the statewide population surpasses 200 animals.        Wallenfang’s statement says the herd has seen “moderate growth” but didn’t include any current population estimates. He didn’t immediately return a telephone message.  Last summer the DNR estimated the herd stood at about 180 animals.  The Natural Resources Board has approved plans to import elk from willing donor states to bolster the Clam Lake herd and start a second herd in Jackson County.