What is the drunkest city in Wisconsin?  Madison, 28.7% of metro area adults admitted that they drink excessively or binge drink on a regular basis, which is above the 26.2% share of Wisconsin adults.  However, alcohol related driving deaths in Madison were 30.7%, which is 5.1% below the state share of 35.8% (6th highest).




Wisconsin: Madison

> Adults binge or heavy drinking: 28.7%

> Wisconsin adults binge or heavy drinking: 26.2% (the highest)

> Alcohol related driving deaths: 30.7%

> Wisconsin Alcohol related driving deaths: 35.8% (6th highest)

> Median household income: $71,301

> Wisconsin median annual income: $59,305 (22nd highest)




The CDC defines excessive alcohol use as binge drinking (five or more drinks on one occasion for men, four or more for women) or heavy drinking (15 or more drinks per week for men, eight or more for women) — and notes that more than half of these deaths are due to binge drinking.