MILWAUKEE (AP) – The father of a Milwaukee-area teen who died in 2012 after being restrained in a convenience store says it was “unconscionable” for the Milwaukee County district attorney not to bring charges. Sixteen-year-old Corey Stingley was suspected of shoplifting in December 2012. He tried to flee and three customers held him down. When police arrived a few minutes later they found the teen unconscious and foaming at the mouth. His father, Craig Stingley, told The Associated Press on Friday that prosecutor John Chisholm proved he’s incapable of doing his job. Stingley says his son’s life was taken by “three murderers” whose crimes are going unpunished. Chisholm said last week he didn’t file homicide or reckless-conduct charges because he couldn’t prove the men intended to kill Stingley or knew their actions could lead to death.