Milwaukee, Wis. – Better Business Bureau Serving Wisconsin wants you to know that our staff is working and here to help in any way we can during these difficult times.
While the majority of our BBB team is working remotely now, there is still fast access to all our services through our website, through email, live chat, and by phone (414-847-6000 or toll-free throughout the state 800-273-1002).

The BBB is continuing to accept, process and mediate complaints, answer inquiries, send out press releases, investigate companies, and issue business and charity reports, just as we always have.

We are extending the complaint response times for all businesses, and we are working with each individual Accredited Business to evaluate its needs and how we can help during this time.

In addition, though we may have slower response and call times, not much has changed in the way we help consumers and businesses on a day-to-day basis.

Because the world is dealing with this pandemic right now, we do want to warn people that fraudsters are finding ways to scam you and profit financially from this.

Beware of scams using the coronavirus name in regard to fake cures, product offers such as testing kits and face masks, telemarketing calls including robocalls, fake online websites fake stimulus check fraud, fake charity and phony Go Fund Me donation requests, and price gouging.

BBB encourages people to report all scams and fraud to BBB Scam Tracker at BBB staff can also help submit information to our Scam Tracker tool by calling our public line.

BBB remains committed to assisting consumers in finding business, brands, and charities they can trust; helping customers resolve disputes with businesses; helping businesses in any way we can; and educating the public about scams, fraud, and other marketplace issues. Throughout the pandemic, BBB is “Open for Business”! We look forward to serving you.

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