Mauston Police Department cited three individuals for issuing worthless checks. Police said a Mauston man, 26-year old Marshal Moriarity,  was cited for issuing a worthless check.   Last month Moriarity wrote a bad check to Northside Mobile for $60.  Moriarity did not respond to a 5-day notice letter.  The Mauston business is asking for restitution of $85 which includes a $25 service fee.  Moriarity was fined $202. 20.  A Grand Marsh man was cited for issuing two worthless checks to Carl’s Brite Spot.   32-year old David Whitaker, Junior wrote checks totaling $88.  The checks were returned for non-sufficient funds.  The bar is requesting restitution.  Whitaker’s fines totaled $404.40.  And a Mauston woman was cited for issuing two worthless checks to the Mauston Interstate BP station.  18-year old Oceana Petersen wrote two bad checks totalling almost $38.  The Mauston gas station is requesting restitution plus $40 in service fees.  Petersen’s fines totaled $404.40.