Congressman Ron Kind held a Working Families Town Hall meeting at the Sparta American Legion Monday over the noon hour.  Kind discussed the impact families of federal employers working at Fort McCoy, Volk Field, and Camp Williams are having.  As a result of sequestration, Department of Defense employees are required to take one furlough day per week  which is a 20-percent reduction in pay through the end of September.   Kind says sequestration is in effect for 10-years and it’s a real possibility it will carry over to Fiscal 2014.  “If Congress doesn’t fix sequestration, its members should also take a pay cut,” said Kind.  He has introduced legislation called the STOMP act to do just that. The sequester furloughs affects approximately 60 people at Camp Williams and Volk Field combined and approximately 1500 at Fort McCoy.  Tomah Chamber of Commerce Director Chris Hanson told the attendees at the Town Hall meeting, “The furloughs have a 3.7-million dollar economic impact in Monroe County.”