The Wonewoc-Center School District property taxpayers will see a decrease in their school portion of their property tax bills in December.  School Superintendent Art Keenan said, “the mil rate is $11.22 per $1000 of valuation, a decrease of 33-cents from last year.  Property values in the district rose 3-million dollars over last year and we received an additional $130,000 in state aid.  The mil rate also includes the first $100,000 payment for the new roof project.”  Monday night the Wonewoc-Center School Board also approved the base wage agreement with the teachers and support staff.  Keenan said, “as we moved into the 2012-13 school year, we had to follow the recommendations from the Wisconsin Employment Labor Relations Commission on how you determine compensation for teachers.  For the most part, salary schedules are used as a guideline now in determining, what a base wage is, and then the WERC determined the consumer price index used for the base wage using historical data was 3.16%.  So we met with representatives for the teachers and support staff, and they agreed with the 3.16% base wage.”  “The Board also regretfully accepted the resignation of the football coach, Tory Needham, and one of our junior high volleyball coaches, Jackie Miller,” said Keenan.