contributed….Tomah Memorial is hosting a Women’s Health Night.  Women of all ages can learn the secret to add joy and peaceful moments to daily life during a special event sponsored by Tomah Memorial Hospital.  The fourteenth annual Women’s Health Night is scheduled this Thursday, March 28, 2013, from four to eight P-M at Tomah’s Cranberry Country Lodge. U-W LaCrosse Associate Professor Doctor Keely Rees will share a presentation to help women transition from home to the workplace.

Rees will speak at five-thirty P-M. This year’s health night will also include a talk at six-thirty on ways to prevent Cervical Cancer.  A number of area businesses and organizations will feature informational exhibits geared toward women and women’s health topics.There is no charge for women to attend the event, which includes free health screenings, snacks, refreshments and door prizes.