The exceptional quality of meat products produced by Wisconsin River Meats of Mauston, Wisconsin was recognized at the 80th annual convention of the Wisconsin Association of Meat Processors, held in Madison on April 4-7th, at the Meat Product Show held in conjunction with their meeting. Wisconsin River Meets Ring Bologna in the class of Course Grind Ring Bologna took home Reserve Grand Champion. The Meat Product competition is the largest of its kind in the United States. Meat processing plants and meat markets from throughout the state this year entered 932 individual products into 36 product categories, including summer sausage, bratwurst, ham, bacon, smoked poultry, and a variety of other types of meat products. Over 40 judges including food scientists, out of state meat processors, and other food industry professionals were required to effectively evaluate the many products during the product evaluation session on Saturday, April 7th. Individual products are scored for external appearance and eye-appeal, internal appearance, aroma, and taste, using a scale of 1,000 points. The size of this product show and the quality of its entries demonstrates the important role that sausage and processed meats play in Wisconsin’s meat industry and among consumers across the state.