Wisconsin River co-op and Farmer’s Co-op in West Salem plan merger.  The two cooperatives have signed a letter of intent and announced plans to pursue a merger.  Wisconsin River Co-op CEO Timothy Diemert said, “both cooperatives are strong, with nearly equal sales and assets.”  Farmer’s Co-op Supply and Shipping Association General Manager Monty Wick said, “we are both financially sound.  We believe this is a win-win for both companies.”  The boards of both co-ops have strongly endorsed the merger.  A vote by the members is scheduled for early November.  For the merger to proceed, the majority of each cooperative’s members must vote in favor of the plan.  Wisconsin River Co-op has been serving the people of central Wisconsin for more than 80-years.  Farmers Co-op Supply and Shipping Association was formed in 1917 and has operations in West Salem, Galesville, Melrose, Mindoro, and Tomah.