Celebrate New Lisbon during the School Board meeting Monday night featured the 1st grade teachers showing members the smart I-Pads

Vision 20/20, a national dialogue on ‘what do schools need to do to prepare our children for jobs, life, and the world at large?’  20/20, the perfect vision, what should our schools look like in the Year 2020, when the current 5th graders graduate from high school?  In the New Lisbon School District, School Superintendent Dennis Birr has asked students what they would like to see in the future.  Birr told the New Lisbon School Board Monday night, “the students talked about the things they like about New Lisbon schools, what things they want to continue.”  Administrators are also planning exit interviews with the high school seniors, plus survey the graduates 18-months after graduation, and after 5-years.  The Board also offered suggestions including using more technology based curriculum and eliminate outdated textbooks, a more year round school calendar with smaller breaks and a shorter summer break, more advance placement classes, improve math achievement, among other visions.  Things school board members liked about New Lisbon schools included keeping the security and safety plans and continuing partnering with local law enforcement.  The Board also believes New Lisbon is a small enough school where staff knows the kids and notes the District has good teachers and staff.