Vice President Mike Pence spent last Friday in the local area traveling between Camp Douglas and Eau Claire and also speaking in Fort McCoy.  He was in the area to promote a U.S trade agreement between Mexico and Canada.  He spoke to a few hundred soldiers and civilians while at Fort McCoy.  “I stand before you today on behalf of your commander in chief and a grateful nation to pay a debt of honor and a debt of respect to each and every one of you,” Said Vice President Pence.  Pence also met with Local business leaders in Eau Claire.  “What I heard today is the time has come for the USMCA to be passed,” Pence said.  “That’s why we came here. Congressman Ron Kind has supported trade throughout his career. … So I wanted to be here in Wisconsin to encourage him to come out for USMCA.”  The Vice President said he wants to see Congressman Kind take a stand.  Kind has responded by saying the USMCA is stuck because of the ongoing trade war.