6/24  James Marvin, Elroy, was headed downhill on Aumock Road, Town of Stark, leaving a quarry with a load of gravel.  He lost control and collided with a vehicle driven by Susan Arndt, Viola.   He then went back into his lane of travel and into the ditch on the left side of the road.  No injuries were reported in the crash.

6/24  Four twenty-inch American Racing rims with lug nuts and mounting hardware were stolen from a business on Main Street, Stoddard.

6/25 Marc Manninger, Stoddard, lost control of his vehicle on County Road K, Town of Bergen.  He drove into a yard, between a house, garage and barn, and into a creek.  No injuries were reported.

6/25  A woman driving a small red car entered a residence in Westby, and when questioned, claimed to be looking for “Wade or Jessica Johnson.”   Due to prior arrests for similar behavior and theft of prescription medications, she was arrested by Westby Police Department.

6/27  Two buffalo were trespassing on private property near County Road UU, Town of Wheatland.

6/26  Town of Genoa Patrolman reports the theft of six traffic cones from Mound Ridge Road.

6/27  The garage at St. Peter’s Lutheran Church, Town of Harmony, was burglarized.  Nothing appeared to have been stolen, but the service door was broken and damaged.

6/27  Two juvenile males knocked over a port-a-potty belonging to a construction crew in the Village of Readstown, and ran from the scene.

6/28  The gate was removed from the Kraemer Quarry on County Road K, Town of Genoa.  It appears that two loads of gravel may have been stolen.

6/28  Nicholas Smetana, Stoddard, was driving a tractor up a hill on County Road XX, Town of Jefferson.  He attempted to down-shift, but the tractor would not go into gear.  He applied the brakes, but they did not work and the tractor started to roll down hill, backwards.  The emergency brake also failed.  Smetana attempted to steer the tractor into the embankment but the tractor started to roll over.  Smetana jumped off the tractor as it was rolling over, and suffered minor injuries.

6/30 Joseph Ford, Loganville, was backing his semi loaded with a dump truck into a private driveway on State Highway 56, Town of Viroqua.  He jackknifed the trailer and was working to clear it from the road.  Theodore Pittman, Viroqua, pulled up next to the semi, which was in Pittman’s lane of travel, and stopped.  Ford backed into the Pittman vehicle.  Neither party suffered any injuries.

6/30  A peacock wandered onto private property near Sherpe Road, Town of Viroqua.  The owner could not be located.

07/01  3 reportable car/deer-other animal crashes this week:

Kari Buros, Coon Valley, on US Highway 14, Town of Hamburg;

Dean Remus, Coon Valley, on Koll Road, Town of Hamburg;

Loren Nicholson, Janesville, on County Road D, Town of Clinton,