9/23  Beth Barry, Viola, reported the theft of a white canoe and two paddles from her Town of Liberty address.

 9/24  Jessica Endres, Ferryville, was traveling north on State Highway 35.  She was using her cell phone and lost control of her vehicle.  The vehicle slid into a telephone pole coming to rest in a pond.  Endres suffered no apparent injuries.

 9/26  Rose Marie LeJeune, Coon Valley, was traveling south on Hiawatha Street in the Village of Coon Valley when she noticed a vehicle operated by Thomas M. Seland, Coon Valley, backing out of an alley.  LeJeune stopped her vehicle to wait for Seland who stopped his vehicle to wait for LeJeune.  Both vehicles then began to complete their maneuvers again causing the Seland vehicle to strike the LeJeune vehicle.  No injuries were reported.

 9/29  Brian Dayton, Chaseburg, called to report that the new solar lights installed in the Village of Chaseburg had been smashed.

 9/29  Scott Schneider, DeSoto, reported that someone keyed his van across the hood and driver’s side while it was parked in front of the Sportsman’s Bar in Retreat, Town of Sterling.

 9/29  Jaclynn Yocum, La Farge, struck two large calves owned by Charles McConkey, La Farge, on County Road P, Town of Union.  Yocum reported there were three calves in the roadway.  She had no apparent injuries.

 9/23                  0 reportable car/deer crashes this week.