9/16  Jason Stafslien, Viroqua, was at the intersection of County Road K and County Road O in the Town of Harmony when a vehicle driven by J. Robert Burull backed out of the intersection into the front of his vehicle.  No injuries were reported.

 9/18  Katy Pettit was traveling east on Highway 82, Town of Stark, looked down at the seat next to her and crossed the center line while negotiating a turn.  Ronald Hatfield was traveling in the opposite lane and hit the side of the Pettit vehicle causing it to turn around and land in the ditch.  There were no apparent injuries.

 9/18  Garry Spohn, Sparta, reported a barn chain was missing from his Ontario, Town of Forest, property within the last month.

 9/20  David Congdon, Viroqua, Town of Franklin, was traveling over his private wooden bridge when his rear tire spun, losing forward momentum.  His vehicle slid backwards off the bridge, falling into the stream.  Condgon was not injured.

 9/20  A Viroqua resident, Town of Franklin, called to report that he has not received his income tax return and the IRS has told him his identity was stolen.

 9/21  Daniel Ames, Viroqua, reported he was out on County Road N, Town of Wheatland, and was attacked by a dog.

 9/21  The Town of Viroqua reported criminal damage to property at South Asbury Road.  Someone spray painted graffiti on the roadway.

 9/16                  8 reportable car/deer crashes this week:

                         Dawn Herold, La Crosse, on Highway 14, Town of Hamburg;

                         Wendy Kelly, Chaseburg, on Highway 162, Town of Coon;

                         Mary Anderson, Hillsboro, on Grimm Road, Town of Hillsboro;

                         Stacy Morris, Hillsboro, on Highway 33, Town of Hillsboro;

                         Sheila Larson, Westby, on County Road S, Town of Clinton;

                         Stephanie Larson, DeSoto, on Missel Road, Town of Wheatland;

                         Shari Gald, Waukesha, on Highway 14, Town of Kickapoo;

                         Glenn Allen, Onalaska, on Highway 14, Town of Kickapoo