8/13  Thomas Bolstad, Viroqua, failed to yield the right of way at the stop sign at the intersection of County Road SS and US Highway 14 and was struck by a vehicle driven by Logan Fortney, Readstown.  No injuries were reported.

8/13  A burglary occurred at an outbuilding at Romance General Store, South Creek Road, Town of Harmony.  Boards and insulation were among the items stolen.

8/14  Wheel weights and a John Deere flywheel were burglarized from a tobacco shed on South Creek Road, Town of Genoa.

8/16  The front steps of the Stoddard American Legion were damaged with graffiti by a permanent marker.  A stop sign at Elm Drive and Birch Street, Village of Stoddard was also vandalized with graffiti.

8/17  Stop signs at Jug Creek Road and Elk Run Road, Town of Webster, were vandalized. The “La Farge Lane” sign in Town of Webster was also vandalized.

8/17  Ian Goetzinger, Blue Mounds, lost control of his vehicle on a curve of Kolash Road, Town of Greenwood.  He drove into the ditch and rolled his vehicle but was wearing his seatbelt and suffered no injuries at the time of the crash.

8/17  John Walleser, Viroqua, stopped at the intersection of County Road N and State Highway 82, Town of Sterling.  The sun was in his eyes and weeds around the stop sign blocked his vision of oncoming traffic on State Highway 82.  Walleser pulled out in front of a semi driven by Clifford Meyer, DeSoto.  The semi struck the right front fender of the Walleser vehicle, spinning it around into the side of the semi.  No injuries were claimed by either driver.

8/17  Miles Bohland, DeSoto, was westbound on State Highway 82, Town of Wheatland, when a black steer owned by Gary Kumlin, DeSoto, ran into the road and struck the passenger side of Bohland’s vehicle.  No injuries were reported.

8/18  Jay Adams, Viroqua, swerved to miss a deer on County Road B, Town of Jefferson.  He struck the guardrail but reported no injuries in the crash.

08/19                 1 reportable car/deer-other animal crashes this week:

Heather Hanson, La Crosse, on State Highway 33, Town of Hillsboro;