11/24                    Kori Small, Mauston, was traveling eastbound on State Highway 82, Town of Stark.  Small reported she was unable to see the edge of the road.  Small lost control of the vehicle, which rolled and came to rest on its tires.  Small reported a possible injury, and was transported by EMS to Vernon Memorial Hospital.  Small was wearing her seatbelt.

11/23                    Daniel Yoder, Cazenovia, was traveling eastbound, downhill, on Kouba Valley Road, Town of Greenwood. At the bottom of the hill, while negotiating a slight curve to the left, the vehicle began to slide, and rotated counter-clockwise.  The vehicle crossed the center of the roadway and slid sideways to the north side of the road.  The vehicle slid across a private driveway onto a very slight embankment, hit the fire number sign, overturned, and came to a rest on its roof.  Yoder and his passenger did not receive any injuries.

11/24                    Jonathan Pearsall, La Crosse, was operating his motorcycle on Cedar Valley Road, Town of Bergen, and drove too close to the edge of the road.  Pearsall went off the roadway, and hit the ditch.  Pearsall was wearing a helmet and protective gear.  Pearsall reported a possible injury, but did not request EMS.

11/25                    Eloise Leis, Kendall, was traveling westbound on Hoff Valley Road, Town of Whitestown, lost control on the ice covered road, and hit a power pole.  Leis reported no injuries at the time of the crash.

11/25                    Adam Buckmaster, Coon Valley, was traveling eastbound on Jore Road, Town of Coon, lost control around a corner, struck the ditch, and the vehicle rolled approximately 1-2 times.  Buckmaster had no apparent injuries.

11/25                    Kevin Bitz, Viroqua, was traveling northbound on County Road P, Town of Clinton.  Bitz hit black ice, slid sideways, and entered the ditch.  Bitz was hauling a load of wood, which shifted, causing the truck to overturn, and slid into the southbound ditch.  Bitz reported a minor injury.

11/27                    11 reportable car / deer crashes:

Kevin Burch, West Salem, on State Highway 162, Town of Coon;

Corinna Halvorson, Viroqua, on County Road Y, Town of Jefferson;

Michael Slaby, La Crosse, on State Highway 56, Town of Harmony;

Kristi Evoy, Des Moines, IA, on State Highway 82, Town of Stark;

Timothy Benda, Readstown, on US Highway 14, Town of Viroqua;

Alex Biba, Cuba City, on US Highway 14, Town of Kickapoo;

Ann Berra, Chaseburg, on State Highway 162, Town of Hamburg;

Tracey Bagstad, Westby, on County Road Y, Town of Jefferson;

Mark Bekkum, Westby, on County Road B, Town of Coon;

Timothy Van Blarcom, Viroqua, on US Highway 14, Town of Kickapoo;

Eugene Baldwin, Hillsboro, on State Highway 33, Town of Forest.


***********                                               This past week                 Year to Date

Alarm Responses                                           11                                    3371

Animal Related Issues                                    23                                   1282

Assisting Municipalities                                  40                                   1768

Crimes Against People                                    22                                   760

Crimes Against Property                                 8                                     688

Domestic Crimes                                           2                                     139

Fire Responses                                              23                                   1532

K-9 Calls                                                       2                                     33

Medical Responses                                         43                                   1788

Mental Health Cases                                       4                                     101

Missing Person Investigations                        10                                   242

Public Talks                                                    0                                     11

Safety Escorts                                                5                                     307

School Walk Through                                      0                                     214

Search and Rescues                                        1                                   34

Security Check                                               78                                   4890

Serving Legal Documents                               12                                  1114

Suspicious Activity Investigations                   13                                  414

Threat Investigation                                        2                                     75

Traffic Accidents                                             35                                   1150

Traffic Related Investigations                         105                                 4843

Vehicle Lockouts                                            8                                     406

Weapons Investigation                                   1                                    29

Unclassified Calls for Assistance                      46                                   2252

_____                                ______

TOTAL CALLS FOR SERVICE                       494                                27165

ADMISSIONS INTO COUNTY JAIL                    20                                  910

IF YOU HAVE INFORMATION ON AN ABOVE CRIME, OR ANY CRIME, CALL CRIME STOPPERS AT 637-8477 OR 1-800-657-6868.                                                                                                                                                                  John B. Spears, Sheriff