7/1  Approximately 50 gallons of gas and a fuel pump were taken from the Kraemer quarry, Town of Genoa.  Other items were damaged.

7/2  Headstones were tipped  over at the St Charles Cemetary, Village of Genoa.

7/3  Lola Belle Lawton, Wonewoc, was backing out of a parking spot at Hillsboro County Market, Town of Hillsboro.  She couldn’t find her brake pedal and struck two legally parked vehicles belonging to Karen Hoefs, Hillsboro and Brook Weber, Elroy.  No injuries were reported.

7/3  Maybelle Farris, La Farge, lost control of her vehicle on a curve of State Highway 82, Town of Webster.  She crossed the centerline and struck a vehicle operated by Ronald Roberts, La Farge.  No injuries were claimed in the crash.

7/4  Mons Dunnum, Viroqua, was westbound on County Road N, Town of Sterling, when he and his motorcycle struck a large area of hydraulic fluid on a curve in the roadway.  He lost control and was ejected from his bike, suffering road rash on his left arm and leg.  Dunnum transported himself to VMH for treatment of injuries.

7/4  A burglary occurred at Cavadini Auto Repair, Village of Coon Valley.  The door was broken and it is unknown at this time what was stolen.

7/4  Lindsay Huddleston, Westby, was eastbound on US Highway 14, Town of Coon, when she saw numerous deer on the highway.  She swerved into the opposite lane, struck the guardrail and damaged the driver’s side of her vehicle.  Huddleston then continued driving until her front passenger side tire became flat.  She then called for law enforcement and a wrecker.

7/5  Adam Hemmersbach, Readstown, was driving on State Highway 61, Town of Kickapoo, when his front passenger side tire blew.  He lost control of the vehicle, went off road and into the ditch, striking an embankment. He was not injured.

07/08  5 reportable car/deer-other animal crashes this week:

Audrey Crandell, DeSoto, on State Highway 35, Town of Wheatland;

Kim Nelson, Coon Valley, on State Highway 162, Town of Coon;

Timothy Soller, DeSoto, on State Highway 35, Town of Genoa;

Ronald Becwar, Gays Mills, on State Highway 35, Town of Bergen;

Gregory Heberlein, Minnesota, on US Highway 14, Town of Coon.