4/1  Cody Grimsled, DeSoto, was backing from a driveway onto Bad Axe Road, Town of Genoa, and did not see a car driven by Diane Strzeszewski, DeSoto.  Strzeszewski was unable to stop on the icy road, and struck the Grimsled vehicle in the rear.  No injuries were reported.

4/1 James Schaffer, Viroqua, was having car problems and was driving about 30-35 miles per hour on US Highway 14, Town of Viroqua.  The vehicle following Schaffer noticed flames at the rear of the vehicle and stopped Schaffer.  911 was called and Viroqua Fire Department was dispatched to the scene.  No injuries occurred.

4/6  Thomas Beck, Genoa, was attempting a parking maneuver on Main Street, Village of Genoa, when David Shafer, Bangor, pulled up behind him.  Beck backed into the Shafer vehicle, but no injuries were reported.

4/8  5 reportable car/deer crash this week:

William Stark, East Dubuque, on US Highway 14, Town of Franklin;

Franklin Meseberg, La Farge, on State Highway 82, Town of Webster;

Blaine Martine, Westby, on US Highway 14, Town of Coon;

Jeffrey Bailey, Westby, on County Road S, Town of Webster;

Larry Homstad, Westby, on US Highway 14, Town of Hamburg.