Two former Juneau County Board supervisors have been recognized for their contributions to Juneau County: Herbert Carlson and Joan Koscal. Carlson was elected in 1994 and was defeated in the April election by Gary Frei. During his term, he served on eight committees: Bond and Insurance: Industrial and Recreation; Landfill, Solid Waste and Recycling; Safety Loss Control and Risk Management; Sheriff and Jail Committee; Finance and Computer; Union Negotiation; Merit Board; and Peace and Good Order Committee. Koscal was elected in 2002. She resigned in March but it was too late to change the election ballot for her district for April election and she defeated her opponent. Ken Schneider has since been appointed to take her place. Koscal has served on 15 committees: Industrial Recreation; Human Services; Revolving Loan; Community Action; Personnel; Insurance; Long Term Support; Family Support Advisory; Health; Winding Rivers Library Board; Safety Loss Control; Union Negotiation; Reorganization; Juneau County Economic Development; and Wisconsin County Human Services Association Committees. At the April meeting, the board of supervisors told each member that it was appreciative for their time and effort, and expressed gratitude for their services and wished them the best in their future.