There has been an incident of trespassing in the Town of Lyndon. On October 11th, a property owner on Oak Glen Circle stated that he arrived at his property and found that someone had been sleeping in his shed. He told Deputy Shawn Skiles he had found a small mattress and other things, including a cell phone. The deputy asked the owner if there was anyone he suspected of living in his shed. The owner told Deputy Skiles he had asked around and that the neighbors thought it was a neighborhood man named Jacob Matthei. Deputy Skiles visited Matthei’s mother, and she confirmed that the cell phone was Jacob’s. She also said that the mattress had been in their yard as well. Matthei’s mother said that she would have Jacob contact the deputy. On November 13th, Matthei contacted Deputy Skiles and admitted that he had been sleeping in the shed until October 9th. Matthei was cited with trespassing.