An Adams County snow plow and a pickup truck collided earlier this month in the Town of Jackson.  The deputy said 46-year old Paul Craddock was operating the snow plow at the intersection of County Road EE and 1st Court about 9am on Friday, February 1st, 2013.  He told the deputy he had just stopped in the roadway at the County line and had placed the truck in reverse.  He was beginning a backing maneuver when he was struck from behind by a pickup being driven by an Oxford woman, 58-year old Julie Bishop.  Bishop told the deputy she was traveling through the curve and did not see the plow truck in time to avoid the collision.  The airbag deployed and the front end was damaged.  The deputy observed that when traveling east on County Road EE the view is partially obstructed due to some trees near the corner and also because of the time of day with the position of the sun.