A Rock Island, Illinois truck driver was uninjured when a train struck the trailer of the semi he was operating Monday afternoon in the Village of Necedah.  The deputy said about 1:45pm 60-year old Terrance Pagels was approaching the railroad tracks on 12th Avenue near Farnum Drive heading towards Highway 80.  Pagels failed to yield to the train and it struck the trailer portion pushing the trailer into the ditch.  No one was injured.  Pagels was cited for ‘improper stop’ and fined $251.10.  In a statement to authorities, Pagels stated he approached the intersection and there were no bells or warnings.  He looked up and down the track and did not see or hear the train until half way across.  Then he gunned the motor to get out-of the way of the train but it caught the last two-feet of the trailer.  In the train engineer’s statement, he says he approached the railroad crossing at speeds approximately 20-23mph, blowing the whistle and ringing the bell.  He witnessed the tractor-trailer pull up to the crossing, stop, and then started moving over the crossing.  “I placed the train in emergency braking and we struck the vehicle.”