It might be the toughest conversation a son or daughter has to have with their parents: how to remain active yet safe while driving.  Occupational Therapy staff at Tomah Memorial Hospital has the answer, a special presentation on Tuesday, April 29 beginning at 6 p.m. in the hospital’s lower level classrooms. Hospital Occupational Therapist Erin Kaczmarowski says the event is not about taking the car keys away from older drivers. “It’s an emotional topic, I mean; no one wants their freedom or independence limited at all. I think too, it gets at some of the emotions that underline that role-change that happens when parents get older and when children are adults,” said Kaczmarowski. “You know, this is the person that helped raised you and taught you how to do everything and now you’re needing to give them some guidance and that kinda hits on a lot of different emotions for a lot of folks.” The “Let’s Talk” presentation originally was scheduled back in February but canceled due to bad weather.  There is no charge to attend, and officials recommend using the hospital’s south side parking lot, located between the hospital and Mayo Tomah Clinic.


Contributed by Eric Prise