For the second consecutive year, the Tomah Memorial Foundation is supporting a program to keep Monroe County children safe in their homes. The Tomah Memorial Hospital has contributed 15-hundred dollars to fund the Monroe County Health Department’s “Safety for All Kids” program, also known as the SAK Program. Health Department Director Sharon Nelson says the money is used to purchase a number of safety items. “With this funding, we’ve been able to purchase safety covers for corners and tables, latch handles, cupboard latches, bathroom thermometers, plug-in for the outlets,” said Nelson. “We meet individually with the families and discuss safety so that they get a lot of education, then we do a follow-up phone call within 30 days to make sure they are using the materials and the usually a follow-up call 60 days after that first phone call.” Nelson said statistics show the program is working to reduce in-home injuries which in turn cut down visits to hospital emergency rooms.