Tomah Health has joined with the Monroe County Health Department to provide the COVID-19 vaccine to area health care employees and essential workers.

County Health Department Health Officer and Director Tiffany Giesler (Gees-lerr) said the partnership is crucial to get the vaccine distributed.


Tomah Health has vaccinated more than 300 essential workers, including just over 200 Tomah Health employees, which hospital Employee Health nurse Julie Anderson says will continue through February.


State department of health services reports about eighty-six-thousand vaccinated against COVID-19 in Wisconsin. Officials predict essential worker vaccinations will continue through February and then move to the next phases of a three-phase plan. It is expected that the vaccine will not become widely available to community members until this summer.

Both Giesler and Anderson said until the vaccine is available to the public, residents should continue to be vigilant by wearing a mask, social distancing, washing hands and limiting interaction with others outside your home.

Additional information on the vaccine is available on the Monroe County Health website at Healthy Monroe C-O-W-I-dot-ORG.