In November, Juneau County businesses, government agencies, and healthcare providers teamed up to curb the spread of COVID19 with the TOGETHER WE CAN campaign.  Its goal was to reduce the negative impact of the virus was having locally.  As expected area residents stepped up to the challenge.

As the New Year begins, the agencies involved in the campaign are once again asking for your assistance.  Instead of working to simply slow the spread of the virus, the new goal is to defeat COVID19 for good with widespread community vaccination.     

The best way to take down the enemy is to use every weapon made available to you.  When it comes to fighting COVID19, handwashing, social distancing, and wearing a mask are still effective tools.  The vaccine provides an additional lifesaving shield of protection.  The more people who utilize ALL of the tools that exist, the more likely it is for the community to develop a strong defense against the virus. 

The vaccine is currently being provided to healthcare workers, first responders and others who live and work in high-risk environments.  General public distribution is likely to be available in the spring or summer, although some specific groups may be able to receive it earlier.  There is still work to be done. 

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