Three rural New Lisbon men have been charged with being a party to misdemeanor theft.  The deputy said in December 2011 19-year old Christopher Clements had crashed his dad’s truck on Felland Road near Norton Road in the Town of Lindina.  Clements left the scene but returned later with his father and the deputy.  It was determined several items were missing, including a MP3 player, a laundry basket, a license plate from the truck, and a tire.  A couple of months later,  a friend of Clements had seen 19-year old Timothy Pillar at school with Clements’ keys.  Further investigation revealed Pillar, 27-year old Ryan Radavich, and 28-year old Steven Radavich had found the Clement’s crashed truck in a field on Felland Road.  Pillar admitted to the deputy to taking a laundry basket, a tire, a change jar, and Clements’ keys, which he had returned.  Steven Radavich denied taking anything.  All three men, Timothy Pillar, Ryan Radavich, and Steven Radavich,  are summoned to appear in court on November 28th, 2012.