The Mauston School Board is making a list about repairs that need to be looked at based on findings from Bray & Associates. Bray & Associates took a look at all of the schools, except the high school, regarding infrastructure, electrical, plumbing, and space. School Superintendent Dr. Christine Weymouth said that the roofs are concerning problems, but there are other things that need addressing as well. “We got a number of things across the buildings; we got some boiler systems, and have fire alarms upgrades, we have safety concerns. I think it’s safe to say that’s a big one,” said Weymouth. At Olson Middle School, the pool is causing corrosion to the boiler in the room underneath it. Weymouth said that the school board wants to be fair among the schools and prioritize the issues before making a final decision on the repairs. The school board also looked at school capacity and if they were using the space available effectively. The board will be talking more about the space issue on the first Monday in January. The school board is coming up with a facility plan to say what the major repairs are in each building and what the board thinks it is going to do.