A stun gun momentarily stopped a Friendship man earlier this month.  Police said on March 12th, 2013 officers responded to a residence in the 200-block of Grant Street in the City of Adams for a disturbance.  27-year old Shawn Maisells had allegedly stolen several packs of cigarettes.  The officer pursued Maisells on foot across an alley and over a fence onto S. Linden Street.  Maisells finally stopped and the officer could smell a strong odor of intoxicants.  A records check showed he was on probation with a no-drink prohibition.  When the officer told Maisells he was under arrest, Maisells swore and advanced at the officer.  The officer deployed the stun gun and Maisells fell to the ground.  He stood up immediately and removed the stun gun probes from his midsection and continued to be combative.  He was handcuffed and transported to the Adams County Jail.  Maisells has been tentatively charged with disorderly conduct, bail jumping, and resisting an officer.