Voters at the polls at Mauston City Hall Tuesday morning.


Tuesday is Spring Election 2013.  The polls opened at 7am across the state.  Locally, voters go to the polls to decide school board races, along with city council races, the City of Adams mayoral race, and an Adams-Friendship School 3.185 million referendum question. “Voter turnout across the area is slower than expected, but steady,” says area officials.  At Mauston City Hall Renee Hazelton said, “As of 11am 96-residents had voted, down from 226-voters two years.  Voter turn-out at the Town of Necedah is also slow, “said Clerk Susan Kosinski.  As of 11am we had 136 voters which included 49-absentee votes.”  And in the City of Adams, voter turnout was also slow this morning, as of 11am 86-residents voted.  “But we expect the turnout to increase over the noon hour and this afternoon after work,” said a City Official.  Hear all the election night results Tuesday night on Now 92.1 FM.   Polls close at 8pm.