Two groups asking the Wisconsin Public Service Commission (PSC) to reopen the CapX2020 Hampton La Crosse high-voltage power line docket dispute utilities’ claim that their January 9 request did not contain new relevant information. In a response filed with the PSC, SOUL of Wisconsin (SOUL) and Citizens Energy Task Force (CETF) addressed information presented by utilities on La Crosse area peak demand that, according to the groups’ attorney Carol Overland, is misleading and continues to overstate the need for the project. In the response to the request from SOUL and CETF, facilities for the CapX2020 Hampton-Rochester-La Crosse Project say, “None of the alleged new information proffered by the Petitioners is ‘new evidence sufficiently strong to reverse or modify the order’ and the petition should be denied.” SOUL and CEFT hopes the PSC would reconsider CapX2020 to avoid the financial and environmental consequences that they say would occur if construction of the Wisconsin segment were to begin this March. Overland, who filed the request on behalf of SOUL and CETF, said, “It is time to put an end to misleading information and the lack of appropriate analysis of viable alternatives to justify the need for the CapX2020 and Badger Coulee transmission lines.” The PSC has thirty days from the January 9 filing of the Request to Reopen to respond or do nothing. If they choose to do nothing, the Request is deemed denied.

Here are the official responses:

CETF SOUL Reply to Applicants Response

Utility Companies Response To SOUL and CETF

Both can also be found on the PSC website. The case docket number is 05-CE-136.