Juneau County District Attorney Mike Solevey presented the 2012 Annual Report before the County Board Tuesday morning.  Solovey said he couldn’t comment on any data prior to his taking office in January 2013.  He said his office has been working on the backlog of referrals his predecessor left and has an avalanche of his own cases for this year.  The District Attorney’s office just finished a child abuse trial in which the defendant, Eric Roider, was acquitted.  Solovey said, “not only did the trial take 7-days, it took two full weeks of preparation before the trial.”  The District Attorney’s Office is preparing for several more trials this year, including two separate trials in July for two brothers from Lyndon Station, Don and Dan Coughlin,  who are accused of sexual assault of minors.  Solovey told the Board Tuesday morning, “I’ll be doing the jury trials from now on.”  Assistant District Attorney Cliff Burdon prosecuted the recent Roider case in which the defendant was found not guilty.