The Mauston police department has released information about the release of a sex offender that will now reside in the city of Mauston.  The information released is hoped to enhance public safety, awareness, and protection.  31 year old James Kern has been convicted of sex offenses and his history places him on a level, which reflects the potential to re-offend.  Kern has served his sentence imposed on him by the courts.  He is not wanted by police at this time.  James Kern began residing at 1035 East State Street in the City of Mauston on September 11th.  He will be under the supervision of the New Lisbon Office of Probation/Parole.  He is not allowed in taverns, bars, or liquor stores.  He is to have no contact with victim(s) or minors.  He must comply with his electronic monitoring device and have face to face contact with law enforcement.  He must also comply with the Wisconsin Sex Offender Registration.  Kern is 6-2 280 pound white male with brown hair.  Kern was found guilty of 1st degree Sexual assault of a Child in 2005 and guilty of sex with a child 16 or older in 2006.