U.S. Senator Ron Johnson, called the WRJC Studios on Friday morning to talk about several issues: the Iraq situation, the IRS investigation and his upcoming trips to Wisconsin. Johnson called the Iraq situation tragic but foreseeable. “Whether you agreed or disagreed according to Iraq when President Obama came into office, there really was a relatively stable Iraq,” said Johnson.” We had a historic opportunity to see if Shia, Sunni, and Kurds could come together to form a coalition government and cooperate with each other to achieve  shared prosperity and the only way that could have happened if we had left behind stabilizing forces and we didn’t.” Johnson said he was concerned with American personal currently in Baghdad and thinks that it should be the top priority for the administration.

On the IRS investigation, Johnson says the it has been slow going because issues in the investigation. “Just 10 days after Rep. David Camp sent a letter to Doug Shulman about the issue, Lois Lerner’s computer crashed,  just as Congress was expressing an interest in them,” said Johnson.” Johnson believes a coverup is happening. He said, “Basically, this administration utilizing the IRS as a political weapon, It is trying to chill and silence those speech rights. It’s not good for our democracy, it’s totally contrary to our first amendment free speech rights.”

Johnson also talked about his upcoming lawsuit. “I am encouraged that the Supreme Court took up the case against the president’s unlawful recess appointments and unanimously issued a ruling that begins the necessary process of restoring the delicate constitutional balance of our tripartite form of government. This is also giving my lawsuit against this administration’s unilateral actions serious consideration.” Johnson just says that the heart of his lawsuit is to show that President Obama doesn’t have the authority to change the Affordable Care Act without Congress approval. 

will be traveling the state to get PowerPoint presentations on the financial state of this country and will talk about how it could get better and might make a visit to the area in August.