A Juneau County Judge withheld ruling on a sexual assault case Monday morning.  The defendant, 20-year old Michael Klingbiel, was in court accused of sexual assault of an unconscious victim.  The victim testified that last October she and Klingbiel and two others had gone to the Dells after school and then returned home.  They were drinking alcohol, smoking marijuana, and she had taken a Xanax while playing dice.  Later she had gone upstairs and fallen asleep in her mother’s bedroom.  When she awoke in the morning, Klingbiel was allegedly lying next to her in the bed.  Her clothes were on but askew and bundled.  His pants were down.  She testified that she didn’t feel right.  Klingbiel’s defense attorney asked the court to dismiss the case based on no physical or medical evidence provided during the preliminary hearing.  It was taken under advisement and Judge John Roemer withheld a ruling upon further review of the transcript.  Bond for the defendant was continued.  An oral ruling was scheduled for  May 21st, 2013.