Royall School District is anticipating a ‘worst case scenario’ and will be sending lay-off letters to 10 teachers.  Superintendent Mark Gruen said, “The Royall School Board met Monday night and approved laying off 10 teachers effective the end of the school year.  According to State Statute, teachers need to be notified by February 28th.  Gruen hopes not all the teachers will have to be laid off, but until the governor presents his budget, this is the ‘worst case scenario’.  The board approved eliminating the elementary art teacher, the family and consumer education teacher, reduce the least senior high school social studies teacher, English teacher, and math teacher to half-time positions, plus issue non-renewal/lay-off notices to four elementary teachers Jennifer Trepes, Sheena Scannell, Darcy Marcou, Judy Biermeier, and least senior special ed. teacher Kerri Schiller.  Gruen said, “It’s obvious programs are being cut and service is not at the desired level.”